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Produced with nanotechnology, light, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, interior silk mat paint.

Available Packages

2,5 LT / 7,5 LT / 15 LT


Characterized in that the photocatalytic self-cleaning thanks to light, whereby the nicotine track, heating the soil to retard the formation of the paint surface, such as is. The surface of the oil, ketchup, pencil, watercolor and so on. allows easy removal of stains. Contained in the nanoparticles and permits better the breathing of treated surfaces The porous structure of the resin. It is easy to apply, easy to wipe, it has perfect covering.

It is used on all kinds of wall surfaces inside the buildings. Thanks to its antibacterial feature, it can be used in hospital room, hotel, restaurant, kitchen, store, nursery, school, office, etc. It is suitable for indoor use.

Application Method

24 hours after applying the primer, diluting with water 10 to 15% by volume it is administered 2 times with a brush or roller. In one direction in order to achieve uniform application screening should be done, avoided the over. It is recommended to wait at least 6 hours between coats.

Spreading Rate

An area of 14-18 m² can be covered with 1 LT of paint in a single coat depending on the surface.

Color Spring

This product can be used in DYO Color Spring coloring system, which has thousands of different color options.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

DYO İç Cephe Ürünler

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