Our Leading Role in the Sector

Being one of the leading companies in Turkey's paint industry, the story of DYO began with “Durmuş Yaşar Müessesesi” in 1927, at a paint shop in İzmir Şeritçiler Çarşısı. Our paint production, which started in this small shop in 1941, led the way for us to become the pioneer in our industry. With Turkey's first paint factory, established by Durmuş Yaşar and his sons Selçuk Yaşar and Selman Yaşar in 1954.


The Importance of "Paint" 
Paint is an endless passion for us. While our “Decorative Paints” help our customers create beautiful spaces, they also ensure that these surfaces are protected for many years. Our  "Industrial Paints" on the other hand, increase the durability of a wide variety of surfaces ranging from household appliances to ships, and from road markings to production facility equipment. We remain committed to our goal of creating value for our customers and stakeholders in the paints industry by preserving, protecting and beautifying.


Diversity of our Products in the Industry

While creating and selling products for homes, buildings and structures, we are also contributing to the development of Turkey’s paint industry. We develop paints for many sectors, including construction, furniture, and the defence industry, as well as automotive, marine, and energy industries. In addition to our specialty paints such as DYO Transocean, DYO Powder Coatings and DYO Protective Coatings, we also create high quality products such as Thermal Insulation Products and unsaturated polyester resins. We are proud to be the only single company that operates in all the sub-segments of Turkey’s paint industry.


Our People-Oriented Products and Services

Since the day we were founded we have always adopted a people-oriented approach to our activities. In all of our operations we listen to our customers, identify their problems and create high quality products to suit their needs. Together with brands such as DYO, Dewilux, Casati, Dyotherm and Klimatherm we offer 1,200 products and 60,000 different colors for our sectors and their needs. With outstanding customer support both before and after sales, and with our work regarding color advising, we continue to strive for the happiness of our customers.


Our Science-Oriented Approach

We love researching. We hold the title of being the first Research and Development centre in paints as well as in the overall chemical industries, of which the establishment dates back to 1971. We are proud to have been recognized as the most successful R&D centre in the chemical industry in 2013. Today, we have two R&D facilities capable of conducting groundbreaking nanotechnology activities in our Çiğli and Gebze plants.


We Value Sustainability

We recognize that as a global brand we have social, environmental and economic responsibilities. We aim to build a better future with our “Value for Tomorrow” sustainability projects with which we provide education on color, heat and living spaces to painters and students. We also sponsor DYO Art Awards, an art event, which is celebrating its 53rd year this year, organised by Yaşar Education and Culture Foundation. We care deeply about having a close connection with distinguished architects all around Turkey who are disrupting the way we think about structures and their impact on communities. We also strive to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, and will continue to improve lives both inside and outside of our company.


Our International Activities

Our work in the international arena is thriving. We offer high performing products in Asia, Europe, and in the African markets in collaboration with our business partners. Currently we export to more than 40 countries, and with our manufacturing facility in Krasnodar, Russia, we continue to operate in Russia and Eastern Europe markets. 


Communicating with our Ecosystem

We have a deep and trusted connection with our employees, consumers, industrial customers, distributors, painters, suppliers and business partners. This has enabled us to maintain our brand strength and reputation across the generations, and we’re incredibly proud to have grown to become such a large community, where individuals feel that they belong. As the pioneering paints company in Turkey, we will continue to lead the way in sustaining vibrant places by beautifying, protecting and preserving spaces and structures while creating value in people’s lives.