A Breeze of Lavender in Living Spaces

Close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze bringing you the most  beautiful scent ever; taking you to the heart of nature. Open your eyes to be stunned by the splendor of purple all around you, a paradise of lavender.
The pleasant appearance of purple touches both the eyes and the spirit when comes together with a nice fragrance. A journey to peace begins in a garden full of lavender, in a house where the pleasant scent of lavender prevails. If you want to grow lavender in your living spaces, there are some tips you need to know about lavender. First of all, lavender is a very long-lasting plant to grow. Its height varies between 20 cm and one meter. The leaves are hairy with short stems. Its flowers are in purple and blue shades. The flowers blossom in clusters, creating a pleasant appearance and most of all, lavender is well-known for its scent. 

How can we grow Lavender?

Irrigation ratio, suitability of the planted soil, selection of fertilizer, light and temperature play an important role when growing lavender. It is essential to make use of all these in the right proportions to grow a healthy lavender. 

Water:Lavender needs excessive water in the first year it is planted. During this period, it should be watered frequently.
Soil:Lavender is a very easy flower to grow. The type of soil to be used is not of significant importance. It grows in almost any soil. It favors calcareous soils more. 
Fertilizer: It is necessary to use a fertilizer for lavender in the right amount. Fertilizer should be applied upon planting in the first place. In the subsequent years, soil should be fertilized in early spring.
Light:It would be very right to say that lavender is a flower that truly loves the sun. The plant should be kept in a sunny area for the flowers to bloom. 
Heat:Lavender is not fond of cold weather at all, as can be understood from its love of the sun. It cannot tolerate cold weather either. It should be planted in hot and sun-exposed places.

What You don't Know about Lavender

• The word lavender is derived from the Latin word "lavare", which means "to wash". 
• Lavender was a very special plant for the Romans. They used lavender to give scent to their hair, bed sheets and even to bath water. 
• Lavender, which has a very wide area of use, is the most commonly used as an essential oil. 
• Lavender buds are covered with exceptionally fine hairs. This is where the oil comes from.