A Touch of Red in Decoration

Considered as the color of love, affection and passion, red is one of the most demanding colors. Despite being a favored color, not many people dare to use it. Every home needs a touch of red color. 

Red is one of the most favored yet demanding colors in terms of use. Despite being very pleasant in appearance, one can refrain from using it considering its demanding and aggressive nature.  Any color used in the right amount results in perfection in home decoration. Before making a color choice, it would be useful to pay attention to the meanings of the color tones you will be using. Shades of red color have different effects depending on their use. Brownish reds add a serious atmosphere to the environment. The pinkish-red tones on the other hand, create an opposite effect compared to other shades. If you want your home to be more spacious with a lively ambiance, pinkish reds will be the right colors for you. 

Love of White and Red

When it comes to decorating your home, white is, without any doubt, one of the colors you will use with red. The more dominant color red is, white color will create balance resulting in perfect harmony. So, make room for white wherever you use red. Red accessories in a space where white is intensively used and vice versa, will attract all the attention. You can emphasize the objects which you want to be the focal point of your home by using the power of these two colors.
Tile-red tones have become very popular recently. If you consider making a change on the wall colors of your living room, you can choose to use these shades. By this means, you will have designed a remarkable space.

Buying Red Furniture is adventurous

Since red is a very demanding and dominant color, one should be very brave to buy furniture bearing this color. If you will choose to have red colored furniture, you should pay attention to the other objects and colors you will use in the same room not to cause a stifling effect in the room. Red sofas go well when used with wooden floors and light-colored walls. 

Red Color in the Kitchen

Red is not color that is generally favored in the kitchen, especially on the walls. Instead, you can create your own color scheme by painting the kitchen walls in cream or white to match red kitchen cabinets. Besides this, home appliances and small kitchen accessories in red will help you to create a modern and stylish look.

  • Meaning of Red Color and its Use in Decoration
  • Red is a dominant color adding dynamic effects.
  • It is associated with energy, passion and love. 
  • It boosts people's metabolism and raises the pulse rate. It is a stimulating, invigorating and energizing color. 
  • Darker shades of red, used in dimly lit spaces, causes stifling effect to arise. 
  • It is a good color choice for dynamic places with intense activities and allowing good light being directed to the south.