Bring the Peace of the Sky and the Sea to Your Walls

The Blue & Turquoise DYO Color Rain Chart, bring the peace of clear skies and the serenity of calm seas to homes. Blue, being the healing source of the soul, makes one feel to be a part of the universe. Having a calming effect and bringing tranquility to the spaces where it is used and ensuring emotional relief, blue is expressed as the color of calmness and peace. With their relieving effect, blue and its tones strengthen freewill, while increasing the sentiments of reality, beauty, depth and patience.

Bring the Healing Source of the Soul to Your Living Spaces

Blue & Turquoise shades, being among the trendy colors at all times, lower high blood pressure thanks to their relaxing effect on the body. Blue color, being the healing source of the soul, instills psychological calmness and peace while physiologically lowering the blood pressure. Accepted as the color of freedom, “Blue-Turquoise” is known as the color which makes one feel that he/she is the part of the universe.
The Blue-Turquoise Color Drop brings a sense of health and cleanliness to the spaces it is used. While it reveals the feelings of creativity, it contributes positively to the development of talents.