Complex But Joyful Environments

What do you think of setting up a tidy environment in the middle of a mess? If you think you can set a tidy arrangement by bringing together different types of objects and patterns, bohemian style is the right one for you. You can skillfully combine different colors and types of patterns as if you are exhibiting the whole world in one small area and make a difference with your style.

When it comes to decoration, tastes and colors favored may differ. You may not like what everyone likes or vice versa. So you are the one to lead your own decoration. If you consider renovating your home, the first thing you should do will be to go over the item you fancy most. What you favor the most and do not favor at all, what you use in what space are the important questions to be answered in terms of a fine decoration. 

You should be familiar with your own taste and then start to act. If your answer to all these questions is "I am not very fond of simplicity, but I want to see this and that", you can start to put decorative items together to create a Bohemian style. 

If you desire to "gather the whole world in one room of my house", you can choose fabrics of different colors and patterns, use contrast colors, and showcase the naturalness of wood and the modernity of lacquer paint used together. You can light up a modern painting with a vintage floor lamp and place a typewriter of the 80s on an extremely modern coffee table. Your imagination will decide on the rest. You can create a bohemian style by skillfully combining modern, romantic, vintage and classic styles. What you should pay attention to while doing this will be the usage frequency of the items. This is because if you don't pay attention to the harmony of the contrasts, it is quite possible that the bohemian style look very complicated and messy.

Supports Originality and Freedom

There is never room for monotony in the bohemian style. You can see multi-colored curtains, cushions, oriental accessories, furniture with many parts, exotic bed sheets and covers, decorative items and much more in the same frame. You will never get bored in a room decorated in bohemian style.  You can feel the warmth in the environment while you take a glance at the colors. Since there is no restriction in the Bohemian-style decoration, it reveals originality and freedom.


Complex but Joyful Environments

You have countless number of alternatives to create a complex yet joyful and friendly environment. You don't have to think much or make a plan about what to buy or whether it will fit. Bohemian style does not require any plans to be made. Just trust in your taste and perceptions.


Choosing Furniture for Bohemian Style

The only concept you need to consider when choosing your furniture will be comfort. You can choose your furniture by considering your personal comfort. Comfortable large sofas, ottomans and comfortable armchairs are important parts of this decoration. Leather sofas will fit well for a bohemian style decoration. A vintage sofa that you will bring from your mother's home or an old bookcase will creates a different mood for a Bohemian style decoration.
You can use wicker furniture, an antique chest with drawers, wooden dresser, old cabinets, rocking chair and a cast iron chair in the same room.


Traces From Around the World

You can use small coffee tables next to your furniture and other irrelevant decorative items such as a couch in the corner or floor cushions in the same space. Be sure to buy local and symbolic accessories that will remind you of the places you have visited on your holiday. Straw hats, tapestries, handmade wooden or ceramic ornaments, paintings by street artists, retro posters.


Use of Color in the Bohemian Style

As in the furniture issue, it is not possible to talk about the presence of a single color when Bohemian style is in question. This style, bringing together many unrelated items, maintains its essence with regard to the use of colors. Orange is the color best fitting this style even if it embraces any color. You will definitely come across orange anywhere and on any item from home textile products to accessories.