Create Natural Ornaments From Soap

Accessories, which are the most beautiful details of homes, add elegance, sometimes with their images and sometimes with their scents. Especially if you made it yourself, it has a different meaning. Create a pleasant ambiance in your homes with soaps that represent elegance with its appearance and fascinate with its scent.

You can prepare your own accessories instead of buying them from outside. The things you need to do for this are very simple:

  • First thing, decide where to use the accessory you prepared with soap. It will help you with the accessories you will prepare for the general ambience of the place you will use.
  • Soaps differ in their aroma, shape and size. Choose the soap you will use according to its properties. If you want it to impress with its appearance as well as its scent, you can go for aromatic soaps.
  • Straw ropes and paper bags are among the indispensable decorative parts of rustic style houses. Set these pieces aside.
  • Cut the paper bags to half the length of the soap. Make sure that the soap turns around and surrounds it.
  • Cut the straw threads to take into account the stem of the soap.
  • Place the soap in the middle of the paper bag you have prepared and tie it in the middle with a straw rope. You can apply it on a single soap or on soaps of different sizes.
  • You can place the soaps you have prepared in a plate and put them wherever you want to use them.

Choose Flowers According To The Aroma Of The Soap

Fill a bowl according to the aroma of the soap you have chosen. For example, if you are using a lavender soap, you can place soaps in a bowl filled with dried lavender leaves. So you can combine soaps in a stylish way.


Blend Different Sizes

You can use a single soap as an accessory, or you can prepare soaps of different flavors and sizes and use them together. Sometimes the harmony of difference can create a stylish ambiance.