Hidden Treasures of Houses: Penthouses

The decoration of the penthouses, which are considered as the cutest area of ​​the house, requires more care than other rooms. A detailed study needs to be done, from the furniture used to the accessories. Lighting is an important factor in such areas. Light helps create a more inviting room. Placing the window joinery away from the window ensures that valuable natural light is not obstructed. In order not to cover the area too much, you can use fabric woods in smaller areas, joinery. Whether white or any other light shade is chosen, painted floors can be a smart choice in the attic. It doesn't matter whether you use white light or yellow light in the room. Both colors will make the room look spacious.

The Usage Is Up To You

Penthouses are often used as guest rooms, children's playrooms or study rooms. If you want to make a difference in this area, you can design it as a movie room. The cushions you throw on the floor can add a nice ambiance to your movie room. It is possible to paint the walls in soothing colors on the lofts and turn them into a yoga / meditation room.

Suitable Windows

Windows placed on a curved wall are particularly difficult to cover, and depending on what the room is used for, the windows can be left without curtains. But if the space is used as a bedroom, the windows can be draped. With canopy curtains that open from below or above, light can be easily controlled even in high, inclined windows.

Elegance with Small Furniture

To create a comfortable lounge area, you can surround the floor with cushions and a low coffee table. Sitting close to the floor makes ceilings appear higher. Likewise, platform beds and low sofas stand better in the attic than full-size beds and bulky sofas. Children's play tables, chairs and shelves, full-size furniture can be cramped in tight spaces. When a loft playroom with small beds is planned under the window, the adults can spend time with them while the children play.

The Bookcase Elegance

A beautiful bookcase can also make the loft the most private space in the house. A very special area can be created with a reading chair, a rug and a large bookcase. Everyone needs a private space to take time for yourself, read, reply to emails, pay bills, or just listen for a while. The work area to be created on the roof floor can help you in this regard.

Lofts, which are normally cold and dark areas, can turn into a light, warm and inviting room with the right renovation projects.