Homes Inspired By The Sea

Even though every season has distinctive beauties, summer months have always been special. The blue color of the sky, the limitless immensity of the sea, the warming of the sun are all unique resources of energy. With nature so vibrant and blue, so peaceful, now is the time to bring the same peace to our homes. With the reflection of the sea and the sky, the houses will take on a new identity.

What do you say to carry the immense depth of the sea to your home? You can create the feeling of a sea breeze in your home with a decoration where blue is used intensively. If you plan to make a major change in your home, you can start by changing the wall color in the first place. In order to create homes inspired by the sea, your choice of wall colors should be blue and its different tones. In particular, lighter shades of blue will add more space to the house, besides creating a peaceful environment.

Featuring: Blue and White

After choosing blue as the primary color, it is now the time to choose another tone that will be in harmony with blue. Almost every shade of blue will remind the transformation of the sea at different times of the day, so white will be the color to be in great harmony with blue. Since white and blue are in harmony with natural wood and earth tones, things will be much easier for you. If you have preferred to use blue on the walls together with its different tones, you can choose to use white furniture. A white linen fabric chair you will place in front of a blue wall will help you to create a pleasant look. Other than using a chair, you can combine the items in your design with a white-toned coffee table, cabinet or table. 


Small Details Bring Deep Meanings

Do not underestimate accessories. They will be the most important sources to catch the sentiment you desire to achieve with your decoration style. At your sea-inspired homes, you can use the items as accessories to remind you of the sea. The sea in its entirety embraces both living and non-living things. Be sure to use marine accessories made of either a starfish, seahorse and seashells while decorating your homes.


The Blue Color Effect

•    Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. 
•    It stimulates coolness and gives peace.
•    It is associated with depth, vastness, and determination.
•    It calms the human metabolism, thus creating a soothing effect.
•    Hinders stress.
•    It evokes cleanliness.