How To Distress Your Wood Furnitures

Distressed furniture is among the rising trends of the recent period. While the unused furniture gains a stylish look with the aging method, the vintage fashion is carried into the homes.

Distressed furniture is seen everywhere. Distressed furniture, which has been used as an example of design that has been used for many years without getting old, is considered a fashion that will never end. If it is desired to make different decoration changes on the old furniture, a completely different look can be achieved by simply changing the paint. There are many methods in aging techniques.

Antique Aging in Wood Painting

Antique aging fluid, water and a synthetic brush are needed to make antique aging.

How to:

  • Thoroughly clean the furniture that you will apply antique wear.
  • Mix a very small amount (5-6 drops) of water with the antique aging liquid in a plastic bowl.
  • Start painting with the synthetic brush you bought, starting with motifs first.
  • Do the painting process by breaking the surfaces into small pieces. Because we need to wipe the area we paint with a cotton cloth right after it. That's why you need to follow the process by repeating a bit of painting and then deleting.
  • After the painting and wiping process is over, you can let it dry.

Aging with Wax in Wood Painting

Before using the waxing method, you need to make the furniture you will wear ready. You can start preparations by painting with the color you want.

How to:

  • Wax the furniture you have painted completely with normal wax or paraffin wax.
  • You can do the waxing process in a heterogeneous way. You don't have to wax all over the furniture at the same rate. Be careful when waxing corners and edges of furniture. Make sure there are candles on all sides. Because your furniture or other items will start to age first from the edges.
  • After completing the waxing process, wipe your furniture with a clean cloth. This will drop the excess candle pieces on the furniture.
  • Paint the furniture with white or any color paint you want and sand it wherever you want to get the old look.
  • The purpose of this aging technique is that the painted color does not hold too much thanks to the wax and the first color painted under the sanding process is easily revealed.

Aging with Oil Paint in Wood Painting

For the oil paint aging technique, you need the desired color oil paint, bristle brush, a plastic container, paper and painting oil.

How to:

  • Squeeze a little oil paint on paper of your chosen color.
  • Do not be afraid to squeeze because the paint has a dense consistency.
  • Pour the oil of painting into the plastic container. Before applying your brush to the paint, apply it to the oil. This is because furniture is easier to paint thanks to oil.
  • Start painting your furniture after applying your brush to oil first, then paint on the paper.
  • When painting your furniture, do the process piece by piece. So first paint a surface and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Then proceed to paint the other surface and wipe it with a cloth again.
  • Apply this process to all surfaces of the furniture.
  • Since the oil paint dries late, let it dry for at least two days. After drying, you can use your furniture as you wish.
  • You can make your furniture renewed with the aging technique more remarkable with antiques.