Orange: The Source of Joy

Orange is the feeling given by the sands on the beach on a sunny and hot summer day. Your energy of life will never run out with the orange color, considered as the symbol of new beginnings. 

Each color represents a different world. The sentiment aroused by each of them and the meaning added to the environment will be different. It also has positive and negative effects on human psychology. Orange is one of the colors that have a positive effect on people. Orange, being the symbol of an immaterial spiritual wealth, brings joy to any environment where it is added.

Orange Adds Positivity to Life

Orange, being the source of joy, has at the same time a positive effect on people. Orange, adding dynamism to the life of extroverted people, is among the colors giving high-energy. The intensive use of orange brings happiness.

Boosts Metabolism

Orange, representing new beginnings and rebirth, is a color particularly used in psychological disorder treatments. The reason for this is the energy it contains; enabling patients to have a more positive point of view for life. It can also be said that this color represents spiritual wealth. Besides the positive psychological effects emitted by orange, it is also significant in terms of health. Orange, also known as an appetizing color relieving fatigue, boosts one's metabolism. The color has positive effects on the patients with kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen and stomach ulcer diseases. It helps reduce complaints such as rheumatism.