Reshaping Gardens with Green

Starting to wake up from the winter sleep, the nature recovers itself in the Spring. It is then up to the summer to show all the beauty. In the Summer, you can see a thousand tones of green everywhere you look and the lovely flower scents take your soul to millions of different dreamlands. It is also possible that you create your own world by arranging and decorating your garden as you desire.

In the summer, we desire to spend time outdoors to free ourselves from indoors we get stuck in during winter. The most peaceful area for us would be our gardens. We can design our garden as we wish.

Apart from a few items that we need to pay attention to, our taste will be guiding us. What you should consider in the first place is to decide if your garden is big enough to have a swimming pool, if you desire to use a pool or not or if you wish to have only plants in your garden. Besides this, for what purpose you will be using the garden is also an important criterion in its arrangement and design. By answering the questions such as "do you wish to have a seating area?", "what should be the position of the area?", "do you need any play grounds for the children?", you will have an idea on how to design your garden. To be clearer with this garden design issue, you should reconsider the alternatives.

Natural Gardens

Natural gardens are the ones mostly preferred. You can design your garden by choosing locally standing products. You need to make arrangements in your garden with the plants growing in the region you live. Furthermore, the most important feature to be considered with regard to natural gardens is not to use any chemical substances to the extent possible, during plant care.

Modern Gardens

Modern gardens in general have a simple design. You can create lawn, garden terrace and flower beds. You can also grow hedge plants if you want to increase the effect of the garden.

Mediterranean Style Gardens
If you want to add some color to your garden, you can design a Mediterranean-inspired garden. The dance of red bricks with dark brown soil creates an adorable appearance at all times. It is also possible that you choose natural stones for your design. Your flowers could be in blue and white tones.

Japanese Gardens

If serenity and peace is what you expect from a garden, you should definitely choose to design a Japanese garden. Plants requiring low maintenance will be the most suitable ones for this type of garden. Water and stone are the two prominent elements of a Japanese garden. Tiny waterfalls, waterways and ponds will create a stylish look. In addition, Bonsai and bamboo trees are essential plants you will have in your garden.

Zen Gardens

Zen garden can be described as the water-free version of a Japanese garden. Water is the element used in Japanese gardens whereas in Zen gardens, a combination of items will be created by drawing patterns on tiny stones and sand with a tiny wooden rake, instead of using water. In this garden style, mostly moss will be used as the greenery.