The color making its mark: Greenery

Refreshing, invigorating and the symbol for brand new beginnings ... Green, defined as the color of peace, is seen everywhere this year. Greenery will be the color you will come across anywhere, either in home decoration or in fashion. It will wink at you at a corner of your home, at the edge of your garden or in the favorite drawer of your wardrobe.

Colorize your Home

If you plan to start the change from your home, you can paint your walls by choosing one of the different shades of green. What you should pay attention to here is that the tone you have chosen is befitting your furniture. You can paint all the walls in the same color whereas you can paint two opposite walls or two side-by-side walls in different tones. If you choose to start your change from furniture but not the walls, the sofa may be your first choice. Your sofa, covered and renewed with a green upholstery, will change the atmosphere of your home. Note that small details create great effects. You can also choose to use green in home textile products such as curtains, tablecloths, pillow covers.
There is no doubt the most natural form of green comes with the flowers. You can create the most natural accessories with the flowers you grow in a suitable corner of your home or in your balcony. You can choose to use green with colors such as white, black and yellow since it is a harmonious color.

Why Green?

Green stands for the neutrality of nature. Today, many number of people are getting into the dilemma of the benefits brought by modern life, whereas again many yearn for reaching the beauties of the natural world since the day they are born. This change is reflected in daily life with the enhancement of “Green” with urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design options.