Warm Environment of the Cold Season

With the arrival of cold weather, life outside moved into homes. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves to create warm spaces in cool weather.

Start With Candles

The first detail that comes to mind for warming a cool environment is candles. Make sure to make room in your home for candles that add elegance to the table at dinner and create a warm ambiance in the environment where it is used. You can use it one by one or by placing a few of them side by side.

Time to Replace Carpets

Carpets are one of the pieces that change in the houses during the seasonal changes. Thin pieces such as rugs and runners in summer leave their place to carpets and skins in winter. Make room for carpets that will cover most of the floor in winter.

Make Room for Blankets

One of the most beautiful items of cool weather is blankets. Who can say no to watching movies under the blanket while it's raining outside? With a beautiful blanket on the sofa, you can create a stylish decoration and create a pleasant environment.

Different Patterns Different Styles

Pillows have a different place among the most enjoyable accessories of winter homes. The pillows that decorate the balconies and gardens in the summer months are the guests of the houses in the winter months. You can add movement to your home decor by using pillows of different sizes or patterns together. You can create a pleasant ambiance with the pillows you place in the living room or bedroom.