Wisdom and Happiness at Spaces

DYO suggests the use of Purple-Lilac Color Drop by those who desire to renovate their homes this summer, to bring happiness and peace to anywhere it is applied. Being the "color of absolute happiness", purple and its shades are also considered as the symbols of wisdom, holiness and modesty. Adding a mysterious and mystical atmosphere to spaces, purple also adds a prosperous appearance. 

Inspiring Walls

According to the researches made on colors, purple creates an environment that banishes ego, makes one say "us" instead of "me" and contributes to the development of creative thoughts while giving inspiration. Purple and its tones, being recommended to be used by those suffering from insomnia, supports good sleep while improving dream activities. "Purple-Lilac" tones are accepted to provide a psychologically positive charge, while helping regulate sleep in physiological terms. 


Fashion Color of the Year: "Purple and Beyond"

Purple and its shades promise to bring a divine light to spaces. Ultraviolet, being announced by Pantone as the color inspiring creativity and inventions, tells about the discovery of new technologies and expressing the galaxy more in a more artistic manner.
To make use of the powerful effect of colors and to enhance your life energy, change the color of your walls with the 24 different tones of "Purple-Lilac Color Drop" Chart, in the 8 different color groups of Dyo Color Rain Chart and your life will change.