Yellow Shades for a Good Feng Shui

Yellow is a stimulating color, just as the rising sun waking people.  While the color of sunlight, cheerful and invigorating yellow colors in Feng Shui light up homes and offices, they also create a feeling of comfort.

There are so many Feng Shui color options to choose from while decorating your office or home, from warm sunflower yellow to cold yellow tones. This is especially important if you live in an area with there is not much sunlight, so you should add at least some yellow to your home decor.

Yellow tones are excellent Feng Shui choices for the following spaces:
• Children's room
• Kitchen
• Living room
• Studio or home office

Feng Shui Elements Associated with Yellow

Yellow is part of Feng Shui's "Fire" element, describing passion and energy. Since yellow is a color that supports success, enabling the increase in tasks and responsibility, it is considered as one of the most suitable colors for workspaces, offices and educational institutions.
In many aspects, the use of yellow is the same as the use of orange in feng shui, since both colors are the means of soft expression of fire element in Feng Shui. Yellow carries the energy of the fire element of Feng Shui more gently compared to red and purple.
A cold and dim space letting little sunlight in should be decorated using a yellow-based Feng Shui theme to compensate the lack of light and to reflect the warmth of sunlight. At the same time, yellow and its shades should be preferred in lighting and it would be better to prefer large windows to let plenty of natural sunlight into the room. Yellow tones radiate warm and bright energy to the spaces where they are used.
Color researchers believe that yellow increases self-esteem, thus strengthening the general well-being and health status of a person. According to Feng Shui, yellow is the color of divinity and maturity, representing gold, wheatear and sunlight. When these color shades are used in the right places and in right amounts, they bring the feeling of perseverance, abundance, strength in the ability of perception, vitality, confidence, warmth and optimism to those living in such spaces. 

You should use the yellow color in the following parts of your home to apply Feng Shui: 

• East (Health and Family)
• Southeast (Money and Abundance)
• West (Children and Creativity)
• Northwest (Supporting People and Blessings)