How to fix local repair problems on previously painted surfaces?

Particularly, in the process of repainting previously painted surfaces, we always come across with some spots on the surfaces, requiring minor repairs. The application method in these local repairs is quite significant. In randomly or incorrectly performed local repairs, it is observed after the application that these repair marks are not covered and are still visible on the surface. A sloppily applied plaster on repair spots in local repair problems causing uneven and rough surfaces and the direct application of paint on these uneven surfaces will be the main reason for these visible repair marks. There is a significant structural absorption difference between a painted surface and a plaster-applied surface. If these two different surfaces are considered equal and paint is directly applied, this absorption difference will not disappear, no matter how much paint you apply to the surface. In particular, as the applied color gets darker, these surface defects will be more easily detected. The most accurate method to prevent this problem is to use our ready-to-use binder-based paste Dyorit product in local repairs instead of using plaster. In the application of this paste, no level difference should be formed on the surface. Afterwards, in order to balance the absorption on the surface, Dyobinder (transparent primer) or Albin primer should be applied on the repair spots where Dyorit (wall putty interior) has been applied. After this procedure, you can directly start to paint the surfaces. By this means, the local repairs on previously painted surfaces will not be visible after the application has been completed.