Mildew-resistant paint: Dyonem

It has been specifically designed for humid environments. It could be used as a problem solver in bathrooms, kitchens and similar humid spaces whereas it is recommended to be used in baby rooms as its surface is warmer compared to other paints. However, it should not be applied on surfaces that directly contact with water, such as bathtub edges. The physicothermal effect is achieved with the micro glass particles with insulation properties in the paint. Thanks to micro glass balls, Dyonem forms an insulating film to process a double-glazing effect (glass/air/glass) on the surfaces it is applied. Dyonem has 3.5 times lower thermal transmittance coefficient compared to other paints. The micro glass balls and lower thermal transmittance prevent the condensation of water vapor on the paint film, thus helping the prevention of heat loss. The micro glass balls contained in the product ensure a warmer surface compared to other paints, thus contributing to a better insulation. In addition to the condensation and inhalation properties of the thermal and insulation effects, the product human and environmentally friendly. Perfectly adheres to any type of surface without any cracking and flaking issues.