What should we consider in our selection of paint?

You should prefer the paint that is suitable for the condition of the surface to be painted and that can meet your expectations. For example, you should not apply an interior surface paint on exterior walls just because the color is favorable. The general rule is not to use interior surface paints on exterior walls. Places, such as doors, where people touch frequently should not be painted with very matte paints just because a matte texture is favored. In addition, a dark color should not be applied in a dark and dimly lit space only considering that it would look aesthetically good. It would be right not to apply the paint directly thinking that it will cover and hide problematic surface defects without repairing them first. If the surface is very rough and defective, it is recommended to use matte paint instead of a glossy one. A synthetic-based paint should not be applied in a space with insufficient air ventilation just because it is easily wiped and washed.