Taking Care of Our Employees

The “work befitting people” approach mentioned in the United Nations Global Compact is one of the most fundamental values determining the conduct of business in Yaşar Group.  In this context, the Group always prioritizes the fundamental rights, health, safety and welfare of its employees. Yaşar Group companies are among the first ones in Turkey to recognize the employees right to unionization. There have been employees who are union members at Dyo Boya Fabrikaları since 1985.

Yaşar Group companies, known for their firsts in their own sectors, have also taken important steps in the unionization issue. Dyo Boya is also the first company where a collective bargaining agreement has been applied in the paint industry.  Constructive relations are established with the employees who are members of legal unions, and the right of employees to join the union is respected at all times.  In this context, the rights of the employees have been secured with the workplace and business collective agreements by and between Petrol-İş Union and the employer at Dyo Boya.

Equal opportunities are given to the employees in all human resources processes such as recruitment, remuneration, performance review, training and development and no discrimination is favored in Yaşar Group. No child labor is allowed and while proper working conditions are ensured for all our employees, special emphasis is placed on empowering our female employees.

Yaşar Group attaches importance to the professional development of its employees and continues its training activities to ensure their personal development. The Company furthermore carries out informative training activities on common diseases to support both its employees and their families. At Dyo Boya, annual training plans are prepared in line with the suggestions received from the employees during the employee-manager review meetings held every year.  By this means, in-house trainings are defined in accordance with the requirements of the employees to ensure their professional development.

All conditions stipulated to ensure occupational health and safety in our companies are met and our employees are both trained and supervised to prevent possible work accidents and occupational diseases.