Taking Care of the Society

The approach adopted by Yaşar Group to take good care of the society is the set of values reflecting the corporate citizenship awareness and the performance required by this awareness, as well as to offer products and services in a healthy and reliable manner. The health and safety of the consumers and customers have always been the top priority of Yaşar Group under any circumstances since it has been founded and the company has always taken its steps paying regard to this principle.  The business approach of the community is managed in line with the necessity of age lived in with a capacity to meet the requirements of the society, with a science-based attribute thanks to the R&D studies and in a quality-oriented manner for sustainable production.

While introducing many new products to the sector by constantly monitoring the trends both in the World and in Turkey, the Community, constantly renewing itself to maintain and strengthen the trust in the brand, continued to add value to the lives of consumers and customers in line with the goals it has set, in 2018 together with the works it has achieved and good practices that will set an example for its industry.