Acrylic based, 600% elastic, liquid roof insulation material with high chemical and UV resistance.

Available Packages

2,5 L / 20 KG


It has been developed for waterproofing and especially for roof insulation. Thanks to its semi-fluid property, it covers the surfaces easily. Thanks to its water vapor permeability, it provides moisture to come out. It is 600% elastic. It maintains its elasticity in hot and cold differences. Tensile strength after 25 hours at 23 ° C is 25 kgf / cm². It is chemical and UV resistant, excellent adhesion, waterproof and decorative.

It can be used safely in buildings where water and moisture impermeability is required, concrete, plaster, brick, ytong, briquette, eternite, wood, corrugated and grooved asbestos roofing boards.

Application Method

Dyo Roof Insulation Material should be applied as a one layer primer after being cleaned with 40% water and applied in two or three coats without thinning after the primer has dried. Each layer to be applied should be applied in a minimum of 24 hours so that it is cross-applied in the opposite direction of the previous coat. The applied surfaces should be protected from rain, snow and frost for 24 hours. A protective coating must be applied on the surfaces that will be exposed to and exposed to mechanical impacts.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface, an area of ​​0.9- 1 m² with 1 L, 0.66-1 m² with 1 kg is painted.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


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