It is an acrylic copolymer based paint that is designed to prevent mold growth, especially in humid places such as bathrooms, kitchens that create moisture (condensation) on the paint film, and can be used in baby rooms and in any interior spaces with its warm surface and velvety texture.

Available Packages

2,5 LT / 15 LT


The physicothermal effect is achieved with micro glass particles with insulating properties in the paint. Thanks to micro glass balls, DYONEM creates an insulating film by working in a double glass system (glass / air / glass) on the surfaces it is applied. DYONEM has a 3.5 times lower coefficient of permeability than other paints. Thanks to its micro glass balls and low heat permeability, it prevents the condensation of water vapor on the paint film and helps prevent heat loss. Thanks to the micro glass balls it contains, the surface it is applied to is warmer than other paints, thus contributing to the insulation.

It provides a matte patterned appearance and a warm surface with its decorative effect.

It is friendly to human health and the environment as well as its thermal and insulation effects, condensation and inhalation properties. It shows perfect adhesion to all kinds of surfaces, cracking does not shed. It provides a patterned matte appearance and a warm surface to the applied areas. It is easily applied and dries quickly in all seasons, it is an indispensable paint for kitchen, bathroom and baby rooms.

Application Method

Application on surfaces to be newly painted: Dyobinder is applied on surfaces smoothed with Dyorit Putty. “Insulating primers should never be used in the priming process”. 2 hours after primer application, DYONEM roller thinned 10% by volume with water is applied with 2 coats or 3 coats to increase the anti-condensation effect. In order to be able to apply properly, one-way scanning should be done and excessive scanning should be avoided. It is recommended to wait at least 6 hours between coats.

Application to old painted surfaces: The surfaces to be painted with DYONEM should be cleaned of all kinds of dirt, oil, loose and swollen tissues. Must be cleaned with mold and bacteria preventive solution. DYONEM is applied by applying Dyobinder (“Insulating primers should never be used in priming process”) after applying putty repair to old plastic painted surfaces applied on highly absorbent surfaces such as DYORİT or satin plaster. On old synthetic painted surfaces; DYONEM 2 or 3 layers (to increase the anti-condensation effect) is applied by roller after the surface is sanded thoroughly and the sanding dust is removed from the surfac

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface, an area of ​​2.5-3 m² can be painted in 3 layers (to increase the anti-condensation effect).

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


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