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Acrylic emulsion based, high water repellent, moisture and water resistant exterior paint.

Available Packages

2,5 LT / 7,5 LT / 15 LT


Thanks to its silicone additive, it has high water repellency resistance. Thanks to the silicon it contains, it does not pass water with its water-repellent feature, as it has high water vapor permeability, it provides moisture to come out. It is resistant to moisture and water, has high alkali and chemical resistance. It is extremely resistant to the adverse effects of the sun's rays and the salty moisture on the sea shores.

It is used on all kinds of concrete, gas concrete, briquette, brick, plaster and similar mineral surfaces. However, it should not be applied on elastic paint systems.

Application Method

At least 24 hours after priming, it should be thinned with water by 10-15% by volume, and two coats should be applied and at least 6 hours should be waited between coats depending on weather conditions.
It is recommended not to dilute dark colors, if necessary, to be applied by diluting 5%.
Application should not be done in rainy weather.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface; When Teknotex Filled Primer is used, depending on the surface in one coat, 7-10 m2, 1 kg and 5-7 m2 area is painted.

Tinting System

This product can be used in DYO Tinting System, which has thousands of different color options.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

DYO Dış Cephe Ürünler

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