Ahşap ve Metal Boyalar


Alkyd based, solvent borne premium high gloss enamel.

Available Packages

0,75 LT / 2,5 LT / 3,75 LT / 7,5 LT / 15 LT


It has gloss retention, high opacity and non-yellowing properties. It dries quickly, provides easy brush application and also it has high resistant to physical and chemical effects.

Used on all types of interior and exterior wall surfaces of buildings and on furniture, land and marine vehicles, agricultural vehicles and similar wooden and metal surfaces with appropriate primers.

Application Method

New metal surfaces must be primed with Special Primer after all dirt, rust and oil are removed. Knots on new bare wood must be burned and saturated with Pinostar Decorative Wood Varnish Matt and then primed with Dyo Primer. Defects on surfaces should be repaired with Super Putty if required. 
Should be thinned with Synthetic Thinner by 10-15% of the volume for brush and roller application and by 25-30% for spray gun application. Apply in 2 coats. It is recommended to allow 1 day between coats.

Spreading Rate

16-20 m²/L, 13-16 m2/kg area is covered dependent on the substrate for single coat.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Ahşap ve Metal Boyalar

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