Solvent borne, surface solution for indoor/outdoor surfaces.

Available Packages

2,5 LT / 15 LT


Thanks to PTFE additive, it protects  without changing the external appearance of the surfaces like pressed brick, stone, concrete and plaster. It’s water repellent and it’s resistant to sunlight and atmospheric conditions. 

It is applied on absorbant surfaces like stone, brick and concrete to prevent all atmospheric conditions. It shouldn’t be used on non-absorbant surfaces like granite and marble. 

Application Method

Dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials and mould growth must be removed. However if the salt formation on the surface continues no application should be made until the reasons causing that are eliminated. 
Ready to use, should not be diluted. Apply one coat with brush, roller or spray gun.

Spreading Rate

6-8 m2/L, 7-9 m2/kg for one coat depending on the surface.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


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