DYO İç Cephe Ürünler


Acrylic emulsion based, high coverage and whiteness, matt interior ceiling paint.

Available Packages

3,5 KG / 10 KG / 17,5 KG


It is a ceiling paint that adheres and adapts to all kinds of plaster, concrete gypsum and lime surfaces, has high breathing ability, has a matte and smooth appearance, and has superior covering and whiteness.

Application Method

Surfaces where Beşyıldız Ceiling will be applied should be cleaned of blistered and loose textured layers. Dust, oil, soot and dirt on the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, if necessary, washed down with water. It should be diluted with 25% water by volume and applied in 2 coats by brush or roller and 1-2 hours should be waited between coats depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface on 2 floors, an area of 3-4 m2 can be painted with 1 kg.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

DYO İç Cephe Ürünler

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