Modified acrylic emulsion based, decorative paint with reflecting effect for interior walls.

Available Packages

2,5 LT 


It is made up of special mother-of-pearl reflecting iridescent pigments and changes color and brightness depending on the light, viewpoint and ground color; it is decorative, durable and wipeable. Easy to apply and yields perfect coverage.

Application Method

Surfaces to be treated should be cleaned of any dirt, oil, loose and blistered layers. Dyorit will be applied on the surfaces to be newly painted or Dyobinder or Albin Primer will be applied on the surfaces smoothed with powder pastes. “Insulation primers should not be used in the primer application process.” As for the surfaces painted previously, such surfaces should be cleaned of any dirt, oil, loose and blistered layers. Where necessary, Dyobinder or Albin Primer will be applied to the entire surface after the surface has been smoothed with Dyorit or powder pastes if deemed necessary. On the surfaces where a color change is desired, Dyo Transfer Primer can be applied in one coat before applying the paint.  

After the primer has been applied, matt plastic paint should be applied on the surface in a single layer to create a background in the desired color. The matte feature of the paint applied as the background strengthens the adherence of Senkron Reflection Effect and enables easier application of the paint. Senkron Reflection Effect should be applied at least 24 hours after the background paint has been applied. The paint will be applied in a very thin layer on the background paint and the desired pattern will be achieved using various pattern tools (roller, sea sponge, plastic bag, newspaper, etc.).  It is ready to use and no thinning is required. If necessary, it can be thinned with 5% of water. It should be taken into account that the selected background paint color will remain as the dominant color on the surface and attention should be paid that the background color is compatible with the Senkron Reflection Effect to be applied on top.

Spreading Rate

 An area of 15-25 m² can be covered with 1 L and/or 1 kg of Senkron Reflection Effect depending on the desired pattern.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)