Acrylic emulsion based exterior wall putty that provides high resistance to external conditions.

Available Packages

4,5 KG / 25 KG


It is an easy-to-apply, quick-drying exterior wall putty that is resistant to external conditions and provides the removal of moisture.

Application Method

Surface Preparation: Before application, surfaces should be cleaned of all kinds of oil, dust, dirt and loose parts. On new plastered surfaces and old, absorbent and weak surfaces; Dyobinder should be used as a primer to secure the surface. Wait 4 weeks for the cement to set before applying. After primer application, it should be kept in Dyobinder for 4 hours. Care should be taken to apply binders in a way that does not form a film on the surface.

It is ready to use. It is applied with two layers of spatula or trowel to obtain a smooth surface. For the second layer application, the first layer should be expected to dry completely.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface; 0.65 - 1.25 m² of area can be putty in one coat with 1 kg.


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