Astar Macun Tiner


It is an acrylic emulsion based, transparent, ready-to-use interior primer that reduces paint consumption and increases performance.

Available Packages

4 LT / 17,5 LT


It penetrates the surface very well. Preparing a solid ground, it ensures that the top coat paint adheres well to the surface. It improves paint performance and reduces paint consumption.

Application Method

It is ready for application. It does not require thinning. Before application, swollen, loose and unhealthy looking surfaces should be scraped, and oil and dirt should be wiped clean with water. Application is applied in one or two layers depending on the absorbency of the surface by brush or roller.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface in one coat, 13 - 16 m2 with 1 L, 13 - 16 m2 with 1 kg are primed.


Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Astar Macun Tiner

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