Acrylic emulsion based primer for gross concrete surfaces, walls and ceilings, which increases the adherence and working time of plaster and cement based plasters to the surface.

Available Packages

12 KG


It is an easy-to-apply primer that increases the adhesion of cement and especially gypsum based plaster mortars on gross concrete surfaces, indoors and outdoors, which prevents rapid water loss of these plasters, and increases working time and workability.

Application Method

Surface Preparation: All kinds of oil, grease, rust and paraffin residues that will weaken adherence should be removed from the surface and no loose particles should be on the surface.

Priming: It is diluted with 30-50% water according to the desired consistency and mixed for 3-5 minutes and a homogenous and lump-free mixture is obtained, and then a single layer is applied to the prepared surface with lambskin roller. The product is mixed at certain intervals during the application

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface in one coat, 4-7 m2 of area is primed with 1 kg.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


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