Astar Macun Tiner


It is an alkyd binder based, economical primer that prevents rust on the metal surfaces before synthetic paint.

Available Packages

3 KG / 20 KG


It is a fast-drying, moisture and water resistant primer that adheres well to the surface. Available in red & grey color.

Application Method

Surface Preparation: The surfaces are cleaned from rust by wire brush, scraper or sandblast. Dust, grease and oils are wiped with solvent and cleaned.

Priming: It is applied by brush, roller or spray gun. If necessary, it can be thinned with Dyo Synthetic Thinner. It is recommended to apply 2 coats every 8-12 hours. After the application, the brushes and tools can be cleaned with Dyo Synthetic Thinner.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the surface in one coat, 12-16 m2 with 1 L, 7.5-10 m2 with 1 kg can be primed.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Astar Macun Tiner

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