Ahşap Bakım Ürünleri ve Vernikler


It is formulated with natural oils, has high UV and water resistance, is a nutritious and protective oil.

Available Packages

0,75 LT / 2,5 LT / 15 LT


Thanks to its special formulation, it provides excellent UV resistance and water resistance. It is easy to be absorbed by wood. It provides protection of wood against harmful organisms that refute wood with its special chemical content. It does not spoil the natural texture of the wood, allows it to breathe, gives the wood a decorative appearance.

Application Method

The surfaces to be applied should be cleaned from oil, dirt, resin and dust, and be completely cleaned from old paint or varnish residues. Before applying on hard woods containing resin and natural oils, it should be wiped with DYO Cellulosic Thinner to clean the surface from oil.
Massiveline Teak Oil is ready for use. A clean, dry cloth with a flat brush is sufficient for application. It is mixed well before application. In order to obtain a homogeneous appearance, the application should be done in the direction of the veins of the wood with an equal amount of brush, and the wood should be saturated with oil. Excess oil remaining on the surface should be wiped with a clean cloth after about 15-20 minutes.
Generally, one coat application is sufficient. However, two coats of application is recommended for highly absorbent woods and where exposed to harsh weather conditions. Completes touch drying in 4 hours, waiting time between layers is 12-24 hours.
After the application, the brushes and tools can be cleaned with Dyo Synthetic Thinner.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the type of wood it is applied to, one liter of 18-20m2 can be covered in a single coat.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Ahşap Bakım Ürünleri ve Vernikler

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