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PINOSAN Decorative Wood Varnish

It is a transparent, matt wood varnish that is resistant to UV rays and allows the wood to breathe.

Available Packages

0,75 LT/ 2,5 LT /15 LT


It is easily absorbed by wood and does not form a film layer on the surface. It increases the strength of wood, resists atmospheric conditions and does not fade. It increases the adhesion of the paint to the surface. It does not spoil the natural texture of wood, prevents breathing by providing breathing.

It is suitable for use in all kinds of joinery, façade and garden furniture.

Application Method

It is ready to use without thinning. 2 coats are applied to the surface with 24 hour intervals by using a brush, roller or spray gun. Any excess that is not absorbed 15-30 minutes after each layer of application should be wiped with a cloth. When Pinosan Decorative Wood Varnish Matt applied surfaces need to be renewed, the surfaces should be slightly sanded, wiped with a damp cloth and 1-2 layers of the same color should be applied.
After the application, the brushes and tools can be cleaned with Dyo Synthetic Thinner. Surfaces should be cleaned from oil, dirt and dust, if necessary sanding and dust should be cleaned. Knots, if any, should be wiped with Dyo Cellulosic Thinner.

Spreading Rate

Depending on the type of wood applied, 10-28 m2 area can be covered with 1 L in one coat.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Ahşap Bakım Ürünleri ve Vernikler

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