Color Solutions for Your Sleep

It is now known that regular sleep is as important as nutrition and sports. Sleep, which is of great importance for our physical and mental activities, also strengthens the immune system. The "color recipe" prepared by DYO color experts helps consumers to use the right colors in the spaces. The colors we can recommend in the bedrooms for a regular sleep, which is the indispensable part of a healthy life, from the DYO's "Color Rain Chart" consisting of 192 colors:

'PURPLE' Without  Sleeping

The color of wisdom, holiness and humility is considered the color of purple absolute happiness. Purple, which calms the nerves and provides balance in our mental and emotional world, is the first color that can be recommended to those suffering from insomnia. Purple, which supports sleep and improves dream activities, also reflects divine light. For those suffering from insomnia, DYO has many purple shades that you can choose in 'Purple-Lilac Color Drops'.

Peace And Healing From 'BLUE'

Blue is considered the color of emotional relaxation, peace and peace. Blue color, which is one of the most suitable options for the bedroom and has a stressful feature, is also known as the healing source of the soul. Studies show that it lowers high blood pressure due to its relaxing and refreshing effect on the body. Those who want a peaceful and comfortable sleep can choose blue in their bedrooms. The tones in the 'Blue-Turquoise Color Drops' prepared by DYO with reference to nature bring the desired peace to the place where it is preferred.

'COFFEE' For Chronic Torry

The visible face of the earth and the earth is brown, it provides confidence and physical peace in its environment. Coffee tones, which do not allow the mental body to wear out, prevent frustration, are good for chronic fatigue. Brown, which regulates sleep, is good for physiologically migraine and headache, creates an environment of trust. Coffee color, which is generally compatible with every color, provides a relaxing effect on the place where it is applied. It is possible to carry naturalness and serenity to the living spaces with the tones in DYO's 'Beige-Brown Color Drop'.