A New Product Range in the Sector: BEŞYILDIZ

Five respective products are available in the "Beşyıldız" product group introduced to the sector by Turkey's most long-established local paint company, DYO.  The series include Silicone-Based Matte Interior Wall Paint, Plastic-Based Interior Wall Paint, Silicone-Based Exterior Wall Paint, Ceiling Paint and Silicone-Based Interior/Exterior Wall Primer.

Introducing the paint industry with state-of-the-art technology products, DYO continues to offer economic and alternative solutions to the sector with its new product group, Beşyıldız. DYO's award-winning R&D Center has been distinguished among decision makers with its rich product portfolio in different segments.

While the Silicone-Based Matte Interior Wall Paint under the Beşyıldız product group is used as a topcoat paint, it adheres perfectly to any surface with its high coverage feature and the tone of pure white. Plastic-based Interior Wall Paint is an air-permeable, decorative and easy-to-apply product. Beşyıldız's waterproof Silicone Exterior Wall Paint allows moisture out with its water vapor permeability feature. Beşyıldız Ceiling Paint in the product group has the perfect white tone. Beşyıldız Silicone-Based Interior/Exterior Wall Primer is an economical product which reduces the topcoat paint consumption with its feature of good adhesion to the surface.

Since the Beşyıldız product group is economical, it is a candidate to be a fine solution partner. The Plastic-Based Interior Wall Paint, Silicone-Based Matte Interior Wall Paint and Silicone-Based Exterior Wall Paint products in DYO's Beşyıldız group are also compatible with the Color Fountain System. 

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