Bring the Colors of 2021 to Your Walls

The Coronavirus epidemic, that affected the world, was also reflected in the color choice of the year. Pantone, which chooses one color every year, for the first time this year has determined both colors as the color of the year. Ultimate Gray from endurance; Illuminating Yellow is inspired by optimism. Those who want to reflect the colors of the walls in 2021, you can choose different gray and yellow tones from Turkey's leading paint brand DYO's Gray & Yellow Color Palettes.

For the first time this year, the international color authority Pantone has declared both colors as the "color of the year". The coronavirus epidemic, which brought an extraordinary period to the whole world, was reflected in the colors of the year. Pantone Color Institute, which determines the trend color of the new year, announced the color of 2021 as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow.

The colors of the year are inspired by the mood of the whole world this year. Ultimate Gray, despite the ongoing uncertain period, its strength, hardness, determination and courage like rocks; Illuminating Sun Yellow represents luminosity, belief that everything will be alright, hope, brilliance, happiness and optimism. The institute, which chooses two different colors as "the color of the year", said in its statement, "The marriage of colors that gives a message of strength and hope that is both permanent and uplifting". Both colors will mark every aspect of life this year, from fashion to jewelery, from travel to decoration.

Directing the paint industry with nearly a century of experience, DYO; brings the trend colors of the year to the spaces from the Color Palettes with hundreds of color options. Those who prefer this year's trend color Ultimate Gray can choose one of the different shades in DYO's Gray & White Color Drops Palette "Gray-White" tones are known as the expression of reality and perfection. Those who prefer these tones experience harmony and harmony in their living spaces.

The other trend color of this year, Illuminating Yellow, corresponds to the Yellow & Mustard Color Palette.. Yellow and mustard tones, which have the most reflective properties among the colors, carry the happiness and joy we need most after the pandemic to the areas where they are applied. Filling the spaces with the light of the source of life, the yellow and mustard tones are considered ideal especially for study rooms, children's rooms, and areas where long meetings are held. Those who prefer different tones in DYO's Yellow & Mustard Color Palette and corresponding to Illuminating Yellow reach bright spaces.


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