DYO's Cooperation With Schools Against Corona

Turkey's leading paint manufacturer, DYO found in the paint to prepare for the new era of support for the academic year of schools. Taking care of the decisive role of cleanliness and hygiene in children's health in the Covid-19 epidemic, DYO helped schools achieve a healthy environment. Providing dye to more than 40 schools during the pandemic period, DYO continues to invest in the future and health.

While the Covid-19 epidemic affected the whole world and our country, cleaning, hygiene, health were the most prominent concepts. While the cleaning of living spaces started with paint, DYO supported schools preparing for the new term. Considering the holiday period as an opportunity and cooperating with school administrations, DYO thinks that children's health is more important than anything else.

Acting on the principle that a good future is directly proportional to the education of children, DYO initiated a study in this area to protect children's health from epidemics and similar diseases and to provide hygienic conditions. The goal of DYO, which provides paint aid to schools that are closed due to the pandemic and in need of renewal, is to support the education of children in healthy and clean areas when schools are opened. DYO painted more than 40 schools during the pandemic period.

DYO's work for schools is not the first. DYO has been carrying out many studies within the scope of the corporate social responsibility project "Value for Tomorrow" ongoing since 2015. With the “value For Learning” project, it has organized trainings for 45 thousand students in the fields of color, space, heat and light usage.

DYO prepared a guide for school painting and paint usage standards within the framework of the “Value for Schools” project. Turkey across 10 provinces representing different geographic, climatic conditions and settlements situated in determining the types of schools, school painting and use the recommendations were developed.

Sample school painting applications were carried out by masters who participated in academic education in accordance with the guide prepared for all schools affiliated to the ministry with the work group formed in cooperation with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and DYO with the contributions of the Ministry of National Education. Observing social development, DYO takes part in many projects with this awareness. It believes in the importance of education in designing the future, emphasizing concepts such as care, cleaning, health and aesthetics in living spaces.

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