"Colors of Turkey" Talks and Colorful Interpretations of Interior Designer Jale Kulin are Booked

The "Colors of Turkey" Youtube talks, organized in cooperation with DYO and AURA Istanbul, brought together the prominent names of Turkey in different disciplines, from architecture to gastronomy, from music to fashion, to discuss the concept of "color". The book, inspired by these conversations, was accompanied by interior designer Jale Kulin's work titled "Turkey's Color Palette".

DYO, which pioneered the establishment of Turkey's first domestic paint industry 67 years ago and colored every area of ​​our lives with thousands of shades it produces today, to underline the importance of colors, in cooperation with the Istanbul Academy of Architecture and Urbanization Studies - AURA Istanbul. brought it to life.

With the "Colors of Turkey" talks, he ensured that colors were discussed from the perspective of different disciplines. Between May 30 and August 13, 2020, the talks broadcasted live on online platforms in 10 episodes with the participation of 20 valuable guests, include the prominent "colorful" names of Turkey in different disciplines, from architecture to gastronomy, music to fashion, art to nature, the concept of "color" and its role in our lives. brought together to discuss.

As guests: Ayhan Sicimoğlu - Serter Karataban, Hilmi Yavuz - Emre Zeytinoğlu, Bedri Baykam - Oylum Öktem İşözen, Nevzat Sayın - Serhan Ada, Beral Madra - Serhat Kiraz, Nezih Başgelen - Erhan İşözen, Şerif Yenen - Jale Kulin, Arzu Kaprol - Şebnem Buhara, Günseli Kato - Bekir Sert and Alparslan Baloğlu-Yılmaz Değer were hosted. More than 1.3 million people watched the YouTube chats.

Conversations were compiled and brought together in a book for researchers and book lovers. The book was accompanied by AURA Istanbul Board Member and interior designer Jale Kulin's work titled "Turkey's Color Palette".

The books were introduced at an online press event. DYO Boya Marketing Director Melek Soklangıç ​​Dinçer, AURA Istanbul Board Chairman Architect Kurtul Erkmen, AURA Istanbul Board Member Interior Designer Jale Kulin and AURA Istanbul Board Member Artistic Director Cem Günbek attended the event. Speaking at the event, Kulin said, “Color generally remained in an abstract position in people's minds. With this project, we wanted to reflect how much it is a concept in life and the diversity of people's color experience. " said.

Speaking about the compilation process of the color palette, Kulin said, “I looked for the striking sentence in the soul of each conversation. I listened to the recordings dozens of times, read the transcripts over and over again. It has been an interesting journey to be able to parse and translate the perceptions and reflect the message to the word and color at the same time. "The result is an exciting holistic, colorful and interdisciplinary work.

You can access the "Colors of Turkey" live broadcast series via the QR code on the pages of the book or on the YouTube channels of DYO and AURA Istanbul, or listen as a podcast on DYO's Spotify account.

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