Champion of the Dyo Master League 2019

Trabzon Liaison Office has become the champion of the DYO Master League 2019, where 10 teams from 10 different regions competed in Antalya between July 4-8.  DYO Master League, bringing the paint masters together on the fields, is bearing an international identity this year. The Akrostar team attending the tournament from Krasnodar and striving to receive the Supe Cup at the league, lost the Super Cup to the Turkish champion Trabzon.

The champion of the highly anticipated DYO Master League 2019, which was started by DYO in 2017, has been announced with the tournament held in Antalya on July 4-8. While 10 teams taking the field in Antalya after the pre-selections during the year played the matches just like professional league players did, the champion of this year was the Trabzon Liason Office. Trabzon Liaison Office, making its mark during the tournament, defeated the Akrostar team from Krasnodar, was awarded with the Super Cup to return home with double championship.

DYO Master League 2019 Championship, hosted by the DYO Boya Family, continued with an intense pace throughout the year. After a very exciting pre-selection stage has taken place, a total of 20 games in 2 different groups were held in the DYO Master League in Antalya. In the matches managed by FIFA certified referees, Western Marmara Regional Directorate was represented by Dyojen, Eastern Marmara Regional Directorate by Dyoplast, Southern Marmara Regional Directorate by Pasboyar, Aegean Regional Directorate by Dinamik Dış, Antalya Regional Directorate by Dyolasteks, Central Anatolia Regional Directorate by Pinosan, Black Sea Regional Directorate by Antipas, Trabzon Liaison Office by Texture, Diyarbakır Regional Directorate by Dyostop and Southern Anatolia Regional Directorate by Dyotrafik teams.

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