Colorful doors with DYO

The water-based panel door paint in DYO's Massiveline product segment adds color to wooden surfaces with its excellent coverage feature and non-yellowing structure. The environmentally friendly product has high resistance to water, household chemicals and impacts.

Continuing its leadership in the Turkish paint industry with innovative products, DYO is giving a colorful magic touch to doors with its wood paint segment product Massiveline. Having a different position in the sector in terms of variety of production, DYO's environmentally friendly Massiveline Water Based Panel Door Paint stands out with its water-resistant feature as well as its resistance to household chemicals and impacts.

DYO's Water Based Panel Door Paint, that can be used on wooden-like interior doors and all kinds of wooden surfaces, is an odorless and non-yellowing product. Massiveline Water Based Panel Door Paint, that can be applied on all kinds of interior and exterior wooden surfaces, comes in 10 standard colors. Those who prefer a product with high coverage, a semi-matt appearance and excellent adhesion feature can also create their own desired special colors among the thousands of color options in DYO Color Spring. 

Let doors glow like a pearl

The Water Based Panel Door Paint "Pearl Glow" is also in the Massiveline series reflecting DYO's many years of experience and proven quality in the industry. This product gives a glittery decorative appearance to doors thanks to the special pigment it contains. Massiveline Water Based Panel Door Paint "Pearl Glow", giving a pearl glitter effect to surfaces, can be applied in one or two coats with a brush or a roller, without the need for any thinning process. 

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