"Conversations on Color" Begins

DYO, realizing a production last year under the name "Conversations on Color" in collaboration with AURA Istanbul to reveal the role of colors in architecture, is now on the way to start the second series.  The first of these interviews to be made with the theme "Conversations on Color: Colors of Turkey", will go live over DYO YouTube account on May 30, at 15:00 hours.

DYO, being the most long-established brand of the Turkish paint industry, has also taken its place in the projects enlightening the industry and the society regarding this responsibility assumed by it. DYO, now is on the way to realize the second of the Conversations on Color interview series in collaboration with AURA Istanbul where the importance of color in our lives is considered with perspectives of different disciplines.  Within the framework of the project, DYO will bring together the names adding color to our lives with live chats over YouTube under "Conversations on Color". 

Conversations on Color, having started with the panel held in İzmir Yaşar University in collaboration with AURA Istanbul and DYO in 2019, continued with the interview series with Turkey's 12 Istanbul friendly leading architects and designers. DYO and AURA Istanbul, having started to work on the second part of the series in early 2020, will realize this new project with the live chats over YouTube with the theme "Conversations on Color: Colors of Turkey". 

In the project "Conversations on Color: Colors of Turkey" led by DYO with its responsibility to become Turkey's local and national brand, it is aimed to contribute to the society by offering diverse  perspectives while developing Turkey's colors and aesthetic values. In the new series, being a follow-up of Conversations on Color, where the perceptions of color by architects will be discussed, colors will be redefined through the eyes of the guests from different disciplines from contemporary art to archeology, from music to fashion describing how they are inspired by color. The live chat series will feature two guests who will share their experiences and views on Saturday every week.  

The first digital live event of the series will take place on DYO Boya's YouTube channel on May 30, Saturday at 15.00, with the chat between the musician Ayhan Sicimoğlu and architect SerterKarataban, the founder of Team Fores, on urban culture, music and gastronomy.  

In the live broadcasts, many different topics will be discussed from the meaning of colors to the colors contributed to our lives by the country's cultural structure, from what perspectives the guests address color and to how they make use of colors in their works.  

The interviews, one more valued than the other will be broadcast live on DYO Boya's YouTube channel.

It is possible to follow live the broadcasts on DYO Boya's YouTube channel: 


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