DYO Adds Color to Zoom Meetings

The dynamics of the professional life is in a radical changing stage due to the Coronavirus epidemic, which has an impact on the whole world and introduces the societies to the "new normal" concept. The interest by brands in online platforms which allow remote working practices is also increasing.

A new dimension has been brought to meeting practices in professional life, thanks to ZOOM application. Reaching people, coming together and managing time is now much easier. The increase of importance of digitalization enhances the use of ZOOM application. The application saves time in professional life while increasing productivity. 
That being the case in professional life, consumer behavior changes are also observed accordingly. So the society comes to life again on the "digital life" screen.  While the pandemic process is reshaping our living habits, the interest by brands in digital applications are continuing at the highest level. 

DYO marketing team also continues to proceed with their work intensively on digital platforms. They prepared virtual background images to be used in ZOOM meetings held with DYO employees and business partners. These background images, consisting of DYO colors, provide meeting participants with an office environment even in their home environment. They offer the most appropriate background for home office employees who are looking for a tidy meeting place in their house before the meetings and who refrain from showing their messy houses. 

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