DYO is Among Europe's Largest Paint Producers

Europe's largest paint manufacturers announced. In the research where the turnover of paint companies, their shares in export activities and the number of employees are taken into account, Yaşar Holding entered the list as the 22nd with DYO Boya. 

Turkey's local and national paint brand DYO, preserved its position as the 25th among the paint companies in Europe in the results of the year 2020 research made by European Coatings. Since the first day it has started its services, DYO has made an effort to meet the expectations and requirements of its customers in the best way possible and has been exporting to more than 45 countries while maintaining its leadership in the domestic market. Yaşar Holding's paint brand DYO maintains its leading role in the Turkish paint industry with both the firsts it has brought to the sector and its innovative products and its strong and rooted brand identity,  DYO makes a difference in the industry with over 1200 products, 3500 packaging types and tens of thousands of color options.     

The total turnover of the top 25 European companies, on the list is around 23.6 billion Euro, where Germany and Scandinavian countries are in leading positions.

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