DYO celebrates Father's Day

DYO's Father's Day movie was broadcast on social media with the label #BabamDyoki. DYO celebrates Father's Day of all fathers. The movie draws attention to the relationship between father and child and the value of time spent together.

DYO's Father's Day movie is on air ... The movie, published on social media with the label #BabamDyoki, is based on the advice given by the "father" to their children. The first scenes of the film begin with the advice of DYO founders Durmuş Yaşar and Selçuk Yaşar. The photograph on the first stage is like the summary of the foundation story ... Durmuş Yaşar's passion for painting, and his son Selçuk Yaşar's emphasis on science, unity and success. The film emphasizes the existence of fathers who are always with their children and the value of time shared with the fathers. Film, referring to the Republic of Turkey's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the country love the 'human' attention is drawn to the importance and value of being.

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