DYO reflects the love for sports on fans' faces

DYO, being among the sponsors of the National Team since 2016, reflects the love for football on fans' faces during the national matches. DYO, distributing football fans caps with the star and crescent, coloring books for children and weathervanes during the games, also adds color to stadiums with a face painting activity.

With the sponsorship contract signed with the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), DYO has been the most colorful supporter of the National Team since 2016, bringing color and joy to national matches. Standing next to the national team with the projects that further increase the unifying power of sports while the national football team is playing on the field, DYO reflects the colors of the national team on the faces of the fans by setting up a stand before the matches are played. DYO, distributing red and white caps, coloring books and weathervanes during national games, supports the celebration of football in the stadiums.


While the Turkish national team is proceeding to take part in the EURO 2020 league, DYO is also taking its place in the fields with special projects besides being a sponsor for matches, standing next to football lovers.  Finally, while the national team was on the field during the Turkey- Albania football match, DYO was at Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium with its special project to further increase the unifying power of sports. Having set up a stand in the stadium before the start of the game, DYO reflected sports fans' love for football on their faces.

With the face painting activity carried out by DYO's team of 5 persons, the colors of the national team put a smile on every face on the tribunes. Within the framework of DYO's special activity, the faces of approximately 300 people were painted with paints friendly to human health. The tribunes were filled with enthusiastic "red-white" exclamations during the game.

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