DYO Sponsoring the Heavy Vehicle Summit

DYO was one of the sponsors of the Heavy Vehicle Summit held on February 11, 2020. During the event organized at Sheraton Grand Istanbul Ataşehir Hotel, the professionals discussed the sector's problems and determined their strategies for the new period.

The summit, covering the tow truck, truck, trailer and superstructure sector, was held on February 11 in cooperation with TAID (Heavy Commercial Vehicles Association), TREDER (Trailer Industrialists Association) and ARÜSDER (Vehicle and Vehicle Mounted Equipment and Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association). Turkey's most long-established local company in the paint sector, DYO, was one of the sponsors of this important summit since it also operates in the heavy vehicle sector.
At the summit bringing together the public and private sector, the senior executives of the relevant institutions and organizations had the opportunity to evaluate the sector from different perspectives.

At the Treder Summit, solutions were sought for the heavy vehicle sector in Turkey, which is Europe's second largest producer with its production capacity, and ideas were exchanged to increase the contribution to the the country's economy.
With the organization of the summit, important subject matters of the sector were included in the agenda covering a wide perspective. Furthermore, all the sponsor companies were awarded a plaque at the end of the summit. 

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