DYO Transocean All Around the World

Yaşar Group's international brand DYO Boya continues to play the leading role in the firsts since it has been founded. Attracting attention in the maritime industry with the brand "DYO Transocean", the Company stands out in the field of international marine paints. DYO Transocean also holds certificates which are considered as the indicator of standards in marine paints.

Taking its power from its roots in every field it operates being a 100% local and national capital brand, DYO shares with the sector the pride of producing internationally certified products in our country. Taking its first step into the paint industry with marine paints, DYO offers its international experience, expert team support and the state-of-the-art technologies with the “DYO Transocean” brand.

"DYO Transocean" offered to the sector by DYO, being a company using the cutting-edge technology and establishing the first R&D center in the paint industry, has a very important position in the industry in terms of the commitments on product use. The product offers a high-level quality with its resistance to corrosion, superior glossy appearance, long-term durability, low VOC value, good wetting and adhesion properties.

Expanding the preference portfolio with the “DYO Transocean” brand, DYO offers rich alternatives to the consumer with its shop primer, undercoat, anticorrosive products, topcoat paints and antifouling products launched to the market.

Produced in our country under the guidance of international experiences, DYO Transocean fulfills the requirements of all stakeholders in the industry, from ship operators to shipyards.

“DYO Transocean” marine paints have no boundaries in serving to ship owners with their supply chain, service quality and wide range of colors.

DYO Boya, the innovative and leading brand of the sector, takes pride in being the local and national brand offering quality and safe products to the market in every sector during this challenging period we are experiencing. 

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