Famous Architects at Colorful DYOLOGS

DYO, realizing a production under the name "DYOLOGS" together with Turkey's 12 leading architects to reveal the role of colors in architecture, shoot special videos with each architect in cooperation with AURA İstanbul. The videos, answering the questions about the psychological effects of colors and the role of colors in architectural and urban design, will be published on social media as of September 23.

DYO, the leading company in the paint industry, brought together the architects who add meaning and value to spaces and cities with their designs at the "Colored DYOLOGS" project. With the production prepared in cooperation with DYO and AURA Istanbul, Turkey's 12 leading architects talked about the psychological effects of color and its role in architecture and urban design.
DYO, being the most long-established brand of the Turkish paint industry, has also taken its place in the projects enlightening the industry and society regarding this responsibility assumed by it. The company, organizing the Colored DYOLOGS panel discussion in cooperation with AURA İstanbul where the importance of colors in architecture was discussed from the perspective of art and architecture disciplines, finally gave a start for a huge production under the name Colored DYOLOGS to reach more people. 


Within the framework of the production in question, respective videos were shot together with the 12 architects leading in their own fields; dozens of questions were asked about the role of colors in architectural and urban design as well as their psychological effects.

While Ahmet Tercan from Norm Architecture, Ali Doruk from Net Architecture, Cem İlhan from TeCe Architecture, Cem Sorguç from CM Architecture, Durmuş Dilekçi from Dilekci Architecture, Görkem Volkan from Görkem Volkan Design Studio-GVDS, Mustafa Toner from Toner Architecture, Nevzat Sayın from Nevzat Sayın Architectural Services- NSMH, Serter Karataban from Team Fores, Sibel Dalokay Bozer from SDB Architecture, Şebnem Buhara from BOU Interior & Architecture Tulin Hadi from TeCe Architecture responded to the “colorful questions” of DYO and AURA İstanbul, the videos of the interviews were organized.


The videos where questions such as "Is color a communication method in architecture?", “Can the use of color change the architectural perception of a building?”, “Why is the use of color important in the office environment?”, "What could be the psychological effects of using color in interior spaces?", "Is color a factor developing with architecture in designs or is it an element added later on?" and “Does color represent anything other than itself?” were answered were shot in each architect's own office. All preparations for sharing the videos containing valuable interviews have been completed on DYO and AURA Istanbul's social media accounts. 

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