Smiling Dolphin is now a "local" brand

Transocean, the first brand to come to mind speaking of marine paints and known as the "Smiling Dolphin" of the World, signed to enter into a cooperation with DYO. DYO, producing Transocean brand products in its Çiğli, İzmir facilities, will offer these internationally certified and referenced marine paints to the industry with certain advantages.

DYO, the long-established brand in the paint sector in Turkey, has entered into a cooperation with the world's leading name Transocean in terms of marine paints.  DYO, to locally produce the products of Transocean known as the "Smiling Dolphin" throughout the world, will bring a breath of fresh air to the marine paints sector with this cooperation.

The huge step taken by DYO and Transocean in marine paints was announced at a meeting held on May 6, Monday. At the meeting held in İstanbul and hosted by DYO Boya Fabrikaları Vice President and General Manager Serdar Oran and Transocean Coatings General Manager Kees Zaal, information was provided regarding the common steps to be taken for marine paints. 


With the cooperation between Transocean, developing antifouling paints, anti-corrosive products and many types of coating for ships, offshore facilities, industrial facilities and yachts since 1959 and DYO "present anywhere where paint is mentioned" in Turkey, "a local and national" step has been taken.

Transocean's meeting with DYO, having an experience of over 65 years in the sector being the first and the only paint factory introduced to Turkey by Yaşar Group in 1954, will bring many advantages to the marine paint industry.

Internationally certified and referenced marine paints to be produced in DYO's Çiğli plant in İzmir and will bear a "local" identity. Besides delivering the Transocean products to customers in a timely manner, the local and national DYO will also provide advantage in terms of costs.


Transocean, whose entire product range is certified in accordance with the IMO-AFS code, continues its research and development activities in many parts of the world for new products that may be beneficial to its customers. Working with local manufacturers in approximately 60 countries, Transocean paint systems meet the most demanding specifications in the oil and gas industry, where Norsok M-501 and ISO-20340 standards are applied.  For this reason, companies such as Shell, Eni, YPF, Petronas and ADNOC prefer to apply Transocean paints in repair and maintenance processes as well as for product, drilling, semi-submersible platforms and coastal facility constructions.


DYO, leaving behind 65 years in the paint industry, has a wide range of products, as already known. Operating in the field of construction paints and thermal insulation systems, industrial paints, coil paints, protective paints (anticorrosive), furniture, automotive and marine paints, DYO is qualified as the sole company to produce in all these sub-sectors in the paint industry at the same time. Marine paints are of special importance for DYO and Yaşar Group. Yaşar Group's first step into the paint industry in 1927 was with the trade of marine paints.

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